LEAGUE OF LEGENDS – WARRIORS Season 2020 Trailer (2020) PC

LEAGUE OF LEGENDS – WARRIORS Season 2020 Trailer (2020) PC

Channel: GameNewsOfficial

Date: 9 de jan. de 2020


emin kılıçaslan: Piltover guard: Locks Urgot in a special glass cage and ties with chains Also Piltover guard: Doesn’t unload ammo from his weapon.

SneakLamp: Necrit just pissed his pants somewhere

Gabriel Miranda: absolutely epic, if the game would be so epic as the trailer is, everything would be perfect

Ram: Sylas: Steals Garen’s ult Presses R and looks in the sky. Lux: Nop, that ain’t no sword, its ur daddy. its a plane, its a bird, its superman. Its GG Nub.

Doãn Linh: me: I need to stop playing LOL and focus on studying… my brother: ey sis check out the newest vid of LOL. me: ok a video does no harm. . 4 minutes video + 3 hours straight playing :) . :) LOL trailer got me everytime damnnnn. how can I get a job in the future? can I be a gamer if I quit studying dammmmmmme :)?