Puerto Rican Flag Emoji 🇵🇷

Puerto Rican Flag Emoji 🇵🇷

The Puerto Rico Flag Emoji is an emoji-shaped flag with the letters 🇵🇷 “PR”, these types of emoji with flags are Two letters and on some platforms only two letters will appear and on others the flag will appear.

But either way it can be copied and pasted that these characters represent the flag of Puerto Rico.

Red stripes

The red groups represent the spilled blood that permitted the foundation of the three forces: Legislative, Executive and Judicial.

Two white stripes

The two white groups speak to the opportunity of the individual and the privileges of man, which adjusts the three forces of the type of government.

Blue triangle

The blue triangle speaks to the republican type of government spoke to by its three forces.

White Star

The White Star speaks to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Portrayal of the banner of Puerto Rico

The portrayal of the banner of Puerto Rico is as per the following:

Five equivalent level groups of red (top and base), rotating with white

A blue isosceles triangle dependent on the side of the crane has a huge white five-pointed star in the middle.

The undertaking at first impacted by the American banner, however like the Cuban banner, with the shades of the groups and a reversed triangle.