💁 Sassy Emoji Copy and Paste

Sassy Emoji Copy and Paste

The Sassy emoji is presented in several ways, on some platforms the emoji appears as a male character, on others it presents a female character on platforms like google, Apple, Samsung, Twitter it presents undefined characters. In the button below check out Sassy Emoji Copy and Paste 💁:

This emoji features a character with his hand tilted at shoulder height and has an original sense of a person at the Information desk.

As we’ve already said the character of the emoji Sassy is undefined but it can be said that his face has an expression of sarcasm and impudence. This emoji is part of 2010 Unicode 6.0 and 2015 dis emojis 1.0 with the official name “Information Desk Person” in emojis and Person Tipping Hand in Unicode.

Check the Representation Codes below:

Unicode: U+1F481
Github, Slack: :information_desk_person:
Emojipedia: :person_tipping_hand:
Github: :tipping_hand_person:


Download Sassy Emoji 💁 PNG.

💁 png
💁 png